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At DVAD we believe in leaving a small footprint behind when we build. When it comes to residential construction the Passive House standard offers a tried-and-tested path to building a healthy, responsible and sustainable home.

In a Passive House the primary aim is to create an extremely well-insulated and tightly sealed home, and then to introduce constant fresh air through a high-efficiency heat recovery ventilation system. The reduction in heating and cooling requirements leads to a significant saving on the capital cost of mechanical equipment, as well as monthly savings on utility bills and all the benefits of a comfortable and healthy home environment.

When planning a new single-family home, we would encourage our clients to consider the benefits of the Passive House standard to see if it might be right for them.

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Our way of believing in the future is to design buildings that not only have the smallest possible environmental footprint, but also serve the community by consuming the least amount of energy as possible.

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