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Whistler Blackcomb Base II Admin Building, Whistler

Design Proposal

This proposal embraces the natural context of the site and aims to create a durable, adaptable and efficient building with bright and comfortable interior spaces. The  design maximizes  adaptability over the lifetime of the building by creating large, flexible, brightly lit spaces. The external walls of the 1st and upper floors are clad entirely in opaque, coloured glass panels, creating a clean, low-maintenance exterior. The effect produces a variety of subtle and changing reflections of the surrounding woodland which allows the building to blend into the site.

ZipTrek HQ, Whistler

Welcome to the headquarters for Whistlers top adventure company, ZipTrek. With a growing staff force and limited available office space in Whistler this once daggy, dark and nasty looking interior was transformed into a bright, cheerful and fun office space to house the people that make sliding along cables possible.


Amos & Andes, Whistler

A small boutique sweater shop in a prominent Whistler location is after a new entrance way to help direct customers their way. These drawings are part of an application that goes towards the Development Permit to help promote the proposed work.

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